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The main functions of the NRUF report are to a) forecast the exhaust of every code within the NANP, and b) to forecast the exhaust of the NANP as an entire. NANPA is needed to gather, store and maintain variety resource utilization and forecast information.

NRUF kind 502 could be a semi-annual filing demand due Gregorian calendar month one and Lammas every year, reflective all listing utilization for the periods January. 1-June 30 and Gregorian calendar month 1-Dec. 31, severally. Kind 502 provides NANPA with the use standing of all nxxs appointed to service suppliers and still provides NANPA with a forecast of anticipated NXX needs over successive 5 years. This enables NANPA to watchlist handiness and project anticipated listing exhaust considerations inside the NANP territory.

The kind 502 could be a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Form, approved by the workplace of Management and Budget (OMB Approved No. 3060- 0895) on January 1, 2001.

This Edition Date is June 2016.

All news carriers should submit NRUF Reports to NANPA semi-annually, on or Before Feb one for the preceding 6-month news amount ending on December thirty- one, and on or before August 1 for the preceding 6-month news Period ending on June thirty.

Per the Report and Order within the Matter of list Resource Optimization, CC Docket No. 99-200, FCC 00-104, March 31, 2000 (“NRO Order”), a personal State commission could cut back the news to associate degree annual submission which might Be due on the August 1 submission point in time.

A non-carrier that receives list resources from a carrier isn't needed to Submit kind 502. Samples of non-carriers retailers and unified electronic communication Service suppliers. A carrier or non-carrier that receives numbers through “resold” Services mustn't report on these numbers.

Geographic Submissions:

Updated June 2016 Geographic NRUF kind 502 — Excel™ kind used for news utilization and forecast information for geographic list resources. Attach the finished kind 502 to associate degree email message sent to cocus@somos.com for brand spanking new submissions or to rev-cocus@somos.com for revised submissions.

Geo kind 502 directions — news carriers should give data regarding their company on the corporate data Worksheet. The subsequent fields are required: Parent name, Service supplier Name, Company Address, City, State, Zip, Contact Name, Contact number, Email, Parent Company OCN, SP OCN, SP FRN, and SP Service sort. If any of those fields aren't provided, the code 502 Will be rejected. The SP OCN is that the four character code assigned by NECA for the news carrier.

Carriers that have multiple ocns should submit a separate kind 502 for every OCN that they hold Numbering resources underneath. The SP FRN is that the ten-digit independent agency identification number assigned to the carrier by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is that the same variety employed by Entities on independent agency kind 499-A.

NANPA can send a Missing Utilization notification to associate degree carrier UN agency has filed an NRUF for this NRUF cycle however UN agency has not filed a utilization kind for all Numbering resources assigned to the carrier’s OCN in NAS or PAS as an additional reminder to the current filing demand, all PORTED telephone NUMBERS (tens), from inside nxxs or blocks appointed to your company, should be according as appointed numbers on the shape 502. And, any ported out Volunteer State that has been come to your listing inventory should be according as on the market on the shape 502.

As several service suppliers don't receive notice once one among their ported out in has been disconnected and afterward came to them because the original recipient of the amount, service suppliers should have a mechanism in situ to trace the standing of ported out/disconnected numbers so as to properly report Volunteer State standing on the NRUF kind 502.

For those shoppers requiring help with crucial the ported out/disconnect standing of their numbers, be at liberty to contact JSI for our Ported Volunteer State Report. For those shoppers that have JSI file the NRUF kind 502 on their behalf, the mandatory information forms ought to have already been received by your company for a change.

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